May I bring my daughter to training?

No. We cannot accommodate children, infants or pets at courses. Service animals are permitted.

Category: Adult Learning
May I save a spot for a friend?

No. Participants must register on their own.

Category: Adult Learning
May I take training with someone other than GSGWM?

If you have documentation of your completion of  Volunteer Essentials or a troop leadership course with another Girl Scout Council, you will only need a specific orientation to the policies, procedures and practices of the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains. Certain current CPR and First Aid courses from the American Red Cross, American Safety & Health Institute, Emergency First Response, EMP America, National Safety Council, and American Heart Association will be accepted.

Category: Adult Learning
My troop is thinking about going white water-rafting, are there restrictions we should know?

Before participating in any activity, please refer to Safety Activity Checkpoints for information.

Category: Troop Trips
Once my daughter becomes a member, when will I be contacted regarding a troop placement if she chooses the troop pathway?

You will be contacted by a local volunteer as soon as a place can be found for your daughter. In the meantime, girls can participate in any of the other pathways immediately.

Category: Becoming a Girl Scout
What are Journeys?

Journeys are the exciting new way Girl Scouts is helping girls grow into leaders. Journeys also help girls experience the three keys to leadership: Discover, Connect and Take Action. By completing a Journey, girls are actively engaging in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience while participating in some Girl Scout traditions, too. Each grade level has its own series of Journeys to engage girls in exploring their surroundings. Each series has a theme. There are now three Journey series: It's Your World - Change It!, It's Your Planet - Love it!, and It's Your Story - Tell It!. The Journeys were designed with input from girls.

Category: Awards
What are the grade levels for earning higher awards?

Bronze: Earned by Girl Scout Juniors (Grades 4-5)

Silver: Earned by Girl Scout Cadettes (Grades 6-8)

Gold: Earned by Girl Scout Seniors or Ambassadors (Grades 9-12)

Category: Awards
What are the minimum hours for each of the awards?

Not all projects will require the same length of time to complete from planning to sharing and celebration. The time it takes to earn the awards will depend on the nature of the project, the size of the team and the support of the community. Quality projects should be emphasized over quantity of hours. After the Journey(s) requirement is fulfilled, the suggested minimum numbers of hours to use as a guide are as follows:

Girl Scout Bronze Award suggested minimum 20 hours
Girl Scout Silver Award suggested minimum 50 hours
Girl Scout Gold Award suggested minimum 80 hours.

Category: Awards
What are the new prerequisite requirements to earn the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards?

Bronze Award: complete one Junior Journey

Silver Award: complete one Cadette Journey

Gold Award: complete two Senior or Ambassador Journeys OR- if having earned the Silver Award, girls need to complete one Senior or Ambassador Journey

Category: Awards
What courses must I take? What are the essentials?

After returning a volunteer application and criminal background check, all volunteers must take Girl Scouting 101 which is an on-line course. It is an orientation to the Girl Scout mission, vision and goals. The second step for many volunteers is Volunteer Essentials. This training covers council policies, guidelines, resources and contacts. “Volunteer Essentials” is provided by the Community Learning Coordinator in your community team. 

Volunteers who will be working with girls in troops must take Troop FUNdamentals which provides the basic information needed for planning and running successful troop meetings, including and in-depth focus on delivering girls the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. It covers the roles and responsibilities of the Girl Scout leader, methods of obtaining parent and guardian support, important elements of troop meetings, girl and adult planning, finances, how to evaluate with girls, and crisis and risk management. First Aid and CPR is required for groups engaging in physically demanding activities, activities involving a potential for injury or when taking trips away from the regular meeting place. Outdoor Skills is required for adults taking girls on day hike, cooking in the outdoors, spending an overnight outdoors, and camping.

Category: Adult Learning
What does it mean to have a sustainable project?

A sustainable project is one that lasts after the girl's involvement ends. A focus on education and raising awareness is one way to make sure a project is carried on. Workshops and hands-on learning sessions can inspire others to keep the project going. Another way to create a sustainable project is by collaborating with community groups, civic associations, and/or religious organizations to ensure the project lasts beyond the girl's involvement. 

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What if a parent has concerns about a trip?

Before making official trip plans, it is advisable to conduct a parent meeting.

Category: Troop Trips
What if I can't register online?

Mail or fax a completed registration form to Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains Adult Learning, PO Box 10832 Bedford, NH 03110. Fax 1-603-627-4169

Category: Adult Learning
What is a day at camp like?

Every day at camp is different and special because at Girl Scout camp, campers work with their counselors to make decisions and create their own experience! Camp will include many traditional activities like swimming, boating, arts and crafts, hiking, cooking over a fire, camping out, games and sports, and so much more. You will spend most of the day with your unit – a small group of girls who selected the same program and are of similar age – and your own counselors. As a team, you will work together to create a fun, exciting and safe session like no other!

Category: Camp
What is eBiz/the Online Registration System?

eBiz is the Girl Scout Online Registration System. From this site, adults can:

  • Purchase membership for themselves and/or their children
  • Register themselves and/or their children for activities (camp, programs, adult learning, etc.)
  • Update contact information (address, phone number, email)
  • Manage their troop(s) if they are a Troop Leader (01)
Category: Online Registration
What is the difference between a troop/group volunteer and a project advisor? Do girls need both?

A troop/Group volunteer is the adult that works with an ongoing troop or group. Once a girl identifies her issue, the troop/group volunteer might help her identify the person in the community who could be a great project advisor.

A Project Advisor is a short-term volunteer that guides a girl as she takes her project from the planning stage to implementation. The project advisor cannot be a parent or a troop/group volunteer. The project advisor is someone from the community who is knowledgeable about the issue and who can provide guidance, experience and expertise along the way.

Category: Awards
What is the role of the Girl Scout Gold Award Support Committee?

The Gold Award Support Committee supports Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors as they go through the process of earning their Girl Scout Gold Award. It is comprised of community members, educators, key volunteers, and young women who have earned the Girl Scout Gold Award, First Class, or Curved Bar.

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What is the top selling Girl Scout Cookie?

The Thin Mint, which accounts for 25% of the total sale.

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What makes the award project different from the Journey Take Action project?

In contrast to the Journey Take Action projects, which give girls themes on which to base their Journey project, the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Award projects have no predesigned theme. Girls select their own theme, design and ways to execute their project. Journey Take Action projects are often conducted as a troop while award projects are completed as a team (Bronze), an individual or small group of 3 to 4 girls (Silver), or as an individual (Gold Award).

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What options are available?

Day Camp

Five locations across NH and VT with a week or two of cool activities, generally from 9 am -4 pm, great counselors, bus service and more!

Resident Camp

Camp Farnsworth in Thetford, VT; programs for girls currently in K through 12th grade from 4 days to 2 weeks with everything from horses to boating, art to theater, rock climbing to spas!

Family Programs

Programs for adult and girl pairs at Farnsworth, plus family weekends for everyone in the family!

Troop Events

Bring your whole troop for a weekend of planned program, meals in the dining hall and out of this world fun. There will be boating, swimming, archery, crafts, cool camp staff and more.

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Where can I find information about eBiz/the Online Registration System?

Read our Online Registration Tip Sheet, Membership Registration Steps, and Online Troop Management for Volunteers or get answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

Category: Online Registration
Where can I find information about the GSGWM Policies and Procedures?

Read our Policies and Procedures or get answers to Frequently Asked Questions on our Policies and Procedures Frequently Asked Questions sheet.

Category: Volunteer Policies
Where will my course be held?

For the safety of our girls and volunteers we do not give specific locations of our courses or properties online. The address and directions will be included in your course confirmation.

Category: Adult Learning
Who approves Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Award projects?

Bronze Award: troop/group volunteer (final report is approved by the Manager, Girl Leadership Experience and Virtual Pathway)

Silver Award: Manager, Girl Leadership Experience and Virtual Pathway

Gold Award: Gold Award Support Committee

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Who approves money earners for trips?

Your first money earner is approved by your local CAC. Subsequent money earners are approved by our corporate office.

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