Cookie Cupboards

What is a Cookie Cupboard?

Cookie Cupboards are warehouses of cookies in convenient locations throughout the Council, where you can pick up extra cases of cookies for additional orders and booth sales. (list of cupboards below)

Cookie Cupboards will have this year's varieties of cookies in their initial stock.  Place your Cupboard Pending order on eBudde for your local Cookie Cupboard by noon on Monday for a Friday pick-up. In that way, you can guarantee the cupboard will have the quantities and varieties that you need. If you do not place a “pending” order on time, you will not be guaranteed you will get cookies and will have to wait to see if any are left after all orders are filled. Always let your Cookie Cupboard Manager know when you will be visiting the cupboard for any reason.

You will receive a dated receipt reflecting every transaction you make at a Cookie Cupboard. This is important documentation, so make sure to immediately put them away in a safe place (a special envelope). Having all Cookie Cupboard receipts handy will make reconciling easier should a discrepancy in your cookie billing occur. Keep your receipts for one year.

No money is exchanged at a Cookie Cupboard. A Cookie Cupboard Manager cannot accept payment for the cookies you are signing out. The Cupboard Manager will enter all your Cookie Cupboard transactions in eBudde for you within 24 hours.

Cookies must be returned to the same cupboard where you checked them out, the next business day after you have checked them out. You may only return 25% (rounding up to the next full case) of the cookies taken out from each of your cupboard order transactions. You will receive a “Return” receipt. You MAY NOT return cookies that were a part of your Initial Order, only those that came from that cupboard.

Cookies may be checked out in full, one variety cases, and in mixed variety cases of 12 packages. However, you may only return full cases of cookies to a Cookie Cupboard. You may not return mixed cases of cookies. Cases can only be returned to the cupboard they were signed out from. The cupboard will not accept as a return any cases that are written on, or in any way damaged. All returned cases must be in good condition so that they may be re-issued to another troop.

Cookie Cupboard Managers

These are volunteers who are giving up large amounts of their time, and, in some cases, lots of space in their homes for a month or so, to help make things more convenient for troops. Please do not call a Cookie Cupboard Manager before 8 am or after 9 pm. If an issue arises at a Cookie Cupboard, contact your Community Product Sale Coordinator immediately.

Cookie Cupboard Locations

While many of our cupboard locations are remaining the same as last year, a new updated list with complete cupboard details and hours of operation will be released soon.

Available Dates for Cookie Cupboards:

Cupboards will be open to troops on February 19, 2016. Please note that this year, when troops place their transaction, eBudde will only allow pending transactions to be entered within the days and hours that cupboard is open. Troops should be sure to add the phone number of the person picking up cookies in the Contact Info area.

Our cookie cupboards are officially closed as of April 4, 2016 for the 2015-2016 Girl Scout Cookie season.  April 4, 2016 is the last day cookies are able to be returned to the cupboards.