DeeDee Rice

District Manager for Districts 502/505/506

A Girl Scout for over three decades, DeeDee has fond childhood memories of times spent in a troop for military families in the San Francisco Bay area. The proud mom of a Gold Award recipient, she led her daughter’s Girl Scout troop for 13 years and also served her community as a Service Unit secretary and Service Unit Manager. DeeDee has served on staff since January 2003. During that time, she’s held six staff positions: all of them centered on membership development, volunteer support, and management. She says she truly enjoys watching girls develop into independent and confident leaders, and feels incredibly grateful to the dedicated team of fellow volunteers that help make that happen. DeeDee holds a degree in Human Services from Concord Community College. She serves as a volunteer for the NH National Guard Family Program: her efforts earned her a National Volunteer Award. When she’s not working or volunteering, DeeDee enjoys spending time with her big Italian family, fresh- water kayaking, taking fitness classes like Zumba, and traveling. To date, she’s visited more than 40 states and has lived and spent time in 16 different countries. DeeDee lives in Loudon with her husband of 32 years.


Phone: 888.474.9686 x4172