Early Registration

It's never too early to start planning for the next Girl Scout year! Troops who register early between April 15 and May 30 will be eligible for special prizes and promotions. Missed the cut off? It's still worth it to register now- check something off your to-do list and save time in the fall!

Check out the Early Registration Packet to find:

  • The Early Registration Info Sheet
  • The Looking Forward Form
  • Incentives to Register Early
  • Information on Disbanding Your Troop
  • Fun Early Registration Activities for Troops
  • And More!

Troops that successfully complete early registration will receive a pre-paid certificate with a code and instructions to create a troop memory book! These books will be a preview of what will be added to the magazine portion of the Fall Product Sale. Troop leaders will be able to create a digital memory photo book for their troop, with a link to share or download.  The certificates for the book will be just prior to the new membership year.