Fall Product Sale

Our Fall Product Sale helps troops get a jump start on their Girl Scout year. We are excited to launch our Fall 2014 sale!

The opportunity for your Girl Scout to sell these items goes beyond the enjoyment of some great products. The Girl Scout Fall Product Sale empowers girls with the strength, abilities, and drive that they’ll need to become accomplished women who benefit themselves, their family, and the world.

Dive In And Be Active 

This year's mascot, the sea otter will guide you to setting and reaching your personal and group goals.  Dive in!  You can do it!

Nuts and Candy - Direct Sale and Online Sale

Girls will receive an FPS Order Card showing all the Nut and Candy items for sale, and the cost for each. Each item purchased counts as one item toward girl rewards and adds to the troop’s proceeds. Troops then will then deliver nut and candy orders to customers.

New this year!  Customers can opt to purchase products online and have them directly shipped to them.  More details from your product sale coordinator.  15 items will be available as a direct sale from girls, but girls will be able to invite their customers to purchase from all 25 Ashdon Farms products as well as corporate gifts with an online link, and be able to pay online for those orders.

QSP Address Booklets

Each girl will receive only ONE Address Booklet in her FPS materials. She will complete that booklet (9 completed pages), and return it to her troop leader or Troop FPS Manager. It will count as one item sold toward girl rewards and adds to the troop’s proceeds.  QSP will send each addressee a catalog and order form, along with the girl’s page from her Address Booklet. QSP will invoice them directly for any magazine orders generated.

Magazine Subscription Direct Sale

Girls visit family and friends, and show them the QSP Girl Scout Magazine/Book Catalog. Customers order from the girl and complete a paper order form. Girls must accept payment  for subscriptions at the time of sale. (new this year)  Each subscription/book ordered counts as one item toward girl incentives, and adds to the troop’s proceeds.

Online Magazine Sales

This is one of the easiest way to participate in the magazine/book portion of the Fall Product Sale. Each girl and her parent log onto a special, protected QSP website. Then the girl enters 12 or more personalized emails to family and friends, inviting them to support her troop by purchasing new magazines and books, or by renewing magazines they already receive. Each girl who enters 12 or more of these emails will receive a special Online FPS Patch. Girls will report to their leaders at the end of the sale the results of their online contacts. If one of the emails results in a magazine or book sale, it will count toward girl incentives, and adds to the troop’s proceeds. If no sales result, the girl will still receive her patch. Customers pay directly online at order time.

Additional sales through a Girl Scout's online portal will be from her own personal business cards.  Complete your personal ID for your customers to find your "store" and customers can plan for the holidays in this one stop shopping.  Once they shop for magazines they can click over to the nut and candy section to continue their shopping.


Another feature available to our customers this year will be photo keepsakes, available through the magazine ordering portion of the Fall Product Sale.  Memory books, calendars, and more, customized with the customer's own photos will be the perfect addition to our product lineup for holiday gift giving.