Girl Scout Cookies

How the Cookie Crumbles

People have loved Girl Scout Cookies since our first sales started in 1917, and it's no wonder - cookies and financial literacy skills are one delicious recipe! So whether you're buying or selling, you're in the right place.

NOTE: All information is from last year's Cookie Sale (Winter 2014). We will post new information regarding this year's sale as it is available.

Cookie Information for Customers:

Find cookies near you!

Gift of Caring:

Want to support the girls, but don't need the cookies? With Gift of Caring, you can donate those cookies to those in need!

The 5 Key Skills:

The Girl Scout Product Sale Programs teach girls five key business and leadership skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics.

Cookie Flavors:

Stay tuned!  Girl Scout Cookie Season 2015 will offer something new!

Cookie Resources:

E-trainings, forms, recipes, and more.

  • Cookie Cupboards: Our cookie warehouses are in convenient locations across council. More details regarding the cupboards will be released soon.​
  • Important Dates 2015:  New dates for cookie sales!  GSGWM will take orders Jan. 9 - Feb. 6, 2015.  Delivery day is Mar. 7, 2015.
  • New Online Cookie Sales!  Watch for more details how customers can order cookies online.
  • Cookie Booth Sales: Everything you need to know about booth sales!
  • Bling Your Booth: Have fun and use your creativity to attract more customers to your booth sale!
  • Cookie Sale Safety: Learn these safety rules to keep girls safe.
  • Cookie Sale Payment Information: Troops will deposit their cookie money into their troop accounts and the council office will conduct three ACH account sweeps.  Sweep dates and more info will be released soon.
  • Cookie Quick Facts: The most important things you need to know about the cookie sale!
  • Cookie Dough: Cookie Dough is an earned reward. Girls can use this reward to pay for programs and swag from Our Store!


Rewards for Girls:

Girls earn rewards when they sell cookies. Stay tuned to see the awesome 2015 reward opportunities!