Governance Council Goals: Strategic Learning 2010

National Council Session

This October, Delegates from GSGWM will contribute to the 53rd National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Find out more here.

GSGWM Focus Areas

In January 2010, the Board identified three key focus areas and the Strategic Learning Kick Off was held. The Kick Off was attended by sponsors, a facilitator, the Council Strategy Team and our Girl Scouts of the USA consultant. Five situation analysis teams were formed to ask the right questions and gain insight so that we were able to make sense of our changing environment. Please view this slide show below to see what questions the teams worked on.

A retreat was held in March 2010 to determine our Key Priorities and develop our Winning Proposition.

Five Key Priorities for Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains to focus on over the next three to five years are:

  •     Articulate our value and engages our stakeholders in The Movement
  •     Increase our public support and achieve operational efficiencies
  •     Strengthen our internal capacity to effectively implement the leadership experience
  •     Develop and improve the volunteer experience for all volunteers from recruitment to retention
  •     Develop and implement a property master plan based upon our program needs

Five Gap Teams were developed based on the Five Key Priorities. Gap Team work was started in April 2010. Gap Team work continues with additional staff and volunteers helping us move from where we are to where we need to go.

The Winning Proposition is:

Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains: Where Girls Lead ... Girls Rule! We welcome and inspire girls to have fun, develop friendships and make a difference in their community through our innovative leadership program.

Our Competitive Focus

Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains serves girls from 5-17 years of age, with special focus on providing a complete Girl Scout Leadership experience for girls in Kindergarten through fifth grade through our troop and camp pathways. Our program grows along with girls through their adolescence with opportunities through all pathways.

To learn more about Strategic Learning, read the article at the link below by William Pietersen.

If you have any questions regarding the Strategic Learning process, please feel free to email