Using Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough (CD) is an earned reward for each Girl Scout who participates in the cookie program, and sells a minimum of 100 packages of cookies. Girls will receive their 2015 Cookie Dough sometime in mid-May. Cookie Dough will be in the form of a card with a 19-digit code on the back.

Where to Use Cookie Dough:

In Stores:

Cookie Dough is accepted at the Mountain Top Shop in both our Bedford, NH and Williston, VT locations. CD can by used to purchase all items except gift cards and earned recognitions. At this time, Cookie Dough is not available for purchases online, but we are able to accept orders via phone.

At Trading Posts:

Cookie Dough is now accepted at most GSGWM camp trading posts.

For Membership:

Cookie Dough can be used to purchase annual GSUSA girl membership ($15) and the GSGWM annual service fee ($15). A paper registration form must be used. Enter the 19-digit code on the form; you do not need to send in the card. CD cannot be entered as a form of payment for online registrations. Cookie Dough cannot be used for adult membership.

For Destinations:

Cookie Dough can be used toward any GSGWM or GSUSA Destinations program.

In GSGWM Programs:

Up to 50% of a girl's program fee from the 2015 GSGWM Program Guide can be paid for with Cookie Dough. Use the paper registration form found in the Program Guide, or by printing out the registration form online.

For Camp:

100% of Cookie Dough can be applied to GSGWM camp programs, minus the $50 registration fee. Use the paper registration form found in the GSGWM Camp Guide or by printing out te registration form online.  Please note that when using Cookie Dough to pay for camp, it must be applied before (or with) your final payment.


Cookie Dough from the 2015 Cookie Sale expires December 18, 2015!

If Cookie Dough is not going to be used by a girl, the parent can share the cookie dough with a family sibling. It can be donated to a Destinations program to help a traveling Girl Scout.  Cookie Dough can be donated to the GSGWM Girl Assistance Program.  Please submit a Relinquish Cookie Dough Form and designate which program the cookie dough should be applied to.