Volunteer Opportunities

Whether she is 5 or 17, you want her to become self-confident, strong, and compassionate. You want her to respect herself and others, make good decisions, be open to new challenges, and use her skills and talents to make her world a better place. You want her to build strong friendships, be a leader, and put her values into practice in her everyday life. Learn about the ways to help!

Direct Service

These opportunities involve working with girls directly at the Troop Level. All Direct Service volunteers are required to complete a volunteer application and a background check.

  • Troop Leader (01)
  • Troop Assistant (02)
  • Troop Product Sale Coordinator (03)
  • Troop Helper/Chaperone (Adults counted in ratio for troop mtg/trips)
  • Troop Driver
  • Robotics Team Volunteer
  • Jump-In Volunteer
  • Virtual Book Club Facilitator Volunteer
  • Virtual Troop Leader
  • Virtual Model UN Club Leader


Community Support

These opportunities involve working with other volunteers at the Community Level.

  • Community Accounting Coordinator
  • Community Communications & Public Relations Coordinator
  • Community Events Coordinator
  • Community Learning Coordinator
  • Community New Leader Mentor
  • Community Product Sale Coordinator
  • Community Recruiter
  • Community Troop Pathway Coordinator - GSLE
  • Community Troop Pathway Coordinator - Placement
  • Community Volunteer Support Coordinator


Board of Directors

The corporate Board of Directors is made up of elected volunteers who are responsible for the governance of the Council and stewardship of its assets.

  • Board of Directors Member
  • Board Development Committee